Diagnostic Imagining

Diagnostic Imaging


Advanced Imaging services offered by Pieper Memorial includes:

  • Ultrasound
  • Digital Radiography (including dental digital radiography)
  • CT Scanner
  • MRI

    To provide the utmost in continuity of care with referral veterinarians, we provide clear and timely communication by using a state of the art PACS. This new technology allows us to automatically and instantly upload digital images such as radiographs, endoscopy, ultrasound, arthroscopy, and intraoperative images. This allows referral veterinarians to directly view their patient’s diagnostic as well as therapeutic images, staying more fully involved with their cases.

    On site CT and MRI allows for the scheduling of daily scans. Unsure of which imaging modality is the best fit for your patient? Dr. Freer encourages inquiries to help determine the best (and most cost effective) imaging solution for your patient. He may be reached at (860) 347-VETS (8387) or via email at sfreer@piepermemorial.com. Digital and traditional film reading services are also available.

    CT Scanner - Frequently Asked Questions
    MRI - Frequently Asked Questions

    Outpatient Ultrasound Service

    Pieper Memorial and Dr. Freer are excited to be able to provide area veterinarians with two convenient ultrasound appointment choices to offer their clients.

  • “While your client waits” ultrasounds may be scheduled Monday through Friday
  • “Drop-off” – Clients may drop off their pet between 8:00am and 8:30am and pick them up later on in the day at their convenience.
    Click here to download the Outpatient Ultrasound Request Form. Patients should be fasted the morning of the ultrasound unless it is deemed unsafe to do so (e.g. diabetic patients).

    Digital Radiography

    Digital radiography is the future of veterinary and veterinary dental radiography. Digital images are acquired more rapidly, utilize no toxic chemicals, and create far less radiation exposure compared with standard film. Images can be projected on a computer screen, allowing the ability to manipulate the image to allow for easier interpretation and comparison of several images simultaneously as well as ability to “mark” images to facilitate discussions with owners. If desired, digital images can be uploaded using our state of the art PAC system allowing transfer to telemedicine sites for specialists’ review as well as enabling referral veterinarians to directly view patients’ diagnostic as well as therapeutic images, staying more fully involved with their cases.

    Diagnostic Ultrasound

    Diagnostic ultrasound imaging is a non-invasive imaging modality that requires little to no sedation in our small animal veterinary patients. The technology is safe and does not use ionizing radiation as for x-rays, but instead uses the conversion of high frequency sound waves to make images of the patient. Ultrasonography can provide important information of the structure and blood flow of internal organs. It can also be used to identify focal or systemic diseases as well as directed sampling of fluid or aspirates of organs of interest. The hair is typically clipped to improve the contact with the transducer to provide the best image possible.