Dr. DeRegis is available to see pets with cancer referred by your primary care veterinarian. Prior to the appointment she will thoroughly review the details of your pet’s medical history so it is essential that the records be forwarded to our office as far in advance of the appointment as possible. At your first visit, she will discuss the history with you as well as your pet’s current status and perform a complete physical exam. She will then offer the most appropriate diagnostic plan for each individual patient.

Recommendations may include additional lab tests, imaging studies such as x-rays, ultrasound, CT, or MRI, and/or needle aspirates or biopsies of masses or lymph nodes for further evaluation of your pet’s overall health and the extent of the disease. She will also discuss the different treatment options available that are applicable to your pet’s condition. In most cases there are different options varying in intensity and cost and she will work with you to decide what is best for your individual situation. The majority of treatment options are offered right here at Pieper Memorial.

Because cancer care is such a complex subject, the first appointment is scheduled for a full hour to give time to address all of your questions and concerns thoroughly. For your convenience the oncology team makes every effort to ensure that the recommended tests can be performed the same day (some test types must be scheduled for a follow up visit), so be prepared for a longer visit than the scheduled hour or to leave your pet here for the day. In many cases if you are ready to move forward treatment can also be started that same day.

After your pet’s visit, the medical findings will be reported to your primary care veterinarian who will remain involved in the follow up care. This effective collaboration between the specialist and primary care veterinarian supplies your pet with the most ideal medical outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions