Surgery is used to diagnose and treat multiple medical problems including trauma, cancer, congenital malformations, infections and inflammations of the abdomen, chest cavity, and skeleton. Together with our fully staffed 24 hour facility, complete Advanced Imaging Center, including onsite CT and MRI, and physical therapy and rehabilitation services, Dr. Lansdowne is happy to be able to offer you and your pet’s state of the art, compassionate surgical care with excellent post-operative recovery and care.

Specialized surgeries are performed in our state-of-the-art surgical suites. These suites include advanced anesthesia machines with ventilators, multi-parameter monitoring equipment, heated surgical tables, special warming devices, and many other aids to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients undergoing a surgical procedure performed at Pieper Memorial. In addition, our experienced certified technicians, headed by a certified veterinary technician boarded in anesthesiology, Amy Levensaler CVT VTS(AVTA) monitor our surgical patients, further increasing the level of safety for our most critical patients.

Dr. Lansdowne is available to see pets referred by your family veterinarian, review the medical history, perform a complete physical exam, and offer the most appropriate diagnostic and treatment plan for each individual patient. Recommendations may include CT, MRI, or ultrasound for further clarification of disease. Options for treatment may include minimally invasive procedures such as arthroscopy, or advanced surgery for orthopedic problems. Our surgeons support and encourages physical therapy to hasten recovery for most of the orthopedic cases.

Frequently Asked Questions